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10 Ways to Make Space in a Tiny Kitchen

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10 Ways to Make Space in a Tiny Kitchen

A small kitchen can make you feel like a curse, but it can become manageable and charming with the proper planning. Cabinets are not the sole storage option, and many “dead zones” in kitchens can be beneficial.  These tiny kitchen organization ideas can help you treble the amount of space you have, from the edges of freezers to the insides of cabinet doors.

Eliminate Wasted Space in the Room

If you begin by examining your kitchen honestly, you will likely discover that even a small kitchen has a lot of wasted space. How is that possible when your cupboards and drawers are stuffed to the brim?

Commence with the walls and ceiling.

Rather than hanging those pretty little images, why not use hanging clips to secure your cutlery and cutting boards? Additionally, why not place a hanging rack from the ceiling to effortlessly store your pots and pans? It’s incredible how much space you can free up in that cabinet simply by relocating the overflow.

Make your refrigerator do the job for you.

Rather than accumulating magnets, consider installing a magnet shelf. This magnetic kitchen organization rack may be used to store various items, including sauces and paper towels. A similar technique can be applied to cabinet sides.

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Shelves in the Corner

Take a peek at your cupboards, and you’ll notice that those drawers and doors are wasting valuable space. The standard design leaves a lot of unutilized space, so by replacing those corner doors and drawers with a rotating corner shelf, you’ve acquired more storage space than you realized was available.

Make it detachable.

Purchase a cutting board to lay over your sink while preparing meals, or construct a pull-out cutting board. Consider purchasing a rolling cart for your mixing bowls and baking sheets that can be whisked away when not in use. Alternatively, you can conceal your sundries on a thin rolling shelf that fits between your refrigerator and sink.

Embrace your wall.

This is old advice, but it still holds: If your kitchen has open wall space, use it to store objects that would otherwise be kept on the countertop. Place the toaster on a shelf or create a tall, narrow wall shelf to save fruit bowls, coffee equipment, and other kitchen accouterments.

Install a drop-leaf table on the wall.

A drop-leaf table installed on the wall kills two birds with one stone. It functions as a small eat-in breakfast area and an additional countertop when needed — and one that can be packed away without taking up valuable floor space!

Improve the performance of your stovetop

Does a lack of counter space constrain you? Allow your stovetop to function as an extension of your kitchen. While you are meal prepping, place your cutting board on top of the burner. Two burners can even be used to chop while the other two cook. Have only two burners? Then, position your cutting board over your sink and begin cutting meat and vegetables.

Hardware with a minimalist aesthetic

It may seem insignificant, but in a genuinely tiny galley kitchen, it’s all too easy to run into giant knobs and handles. Slender, minimalist pulls will keep things looking and feeling streamlined. High-gloss cabinets and adequate lighting also assist in opening up this tiny kitchen.

Above the Upper Cabinets: Shelves

This plan may necessitate using a step ladder, but have you recently considered how much wasted space exists above your kitchen’s higher cabinets? Typically, there will be enough space above those cupboards to add a shelf or two for storing items that are not used frequently enough to take up space below. Why would you want to keep them in the garage when there is still plenty of available space above the cabinets?


Whereas homes were formerly designed to provide massive amounts of living space, society has made a systematic attempt to make everything tiny. From tiny homes to tiny kitchens to small cars, most designers are going small and even smaller to create an eco-friendly living environment. The point is that it is more energy efficient to maintain climate control in small places, which is why you may find yourself with such a tiny kitchen. Nonetheless, with these ten suggestions, you can maximize even the slightest of kitchens in ways you never imagined possible. Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that a dream come true?


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