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Matching Your Countertop In Style with Cabinet and Floor Of Kitchen

Kitchen Counter Top Designs

Remodeling a kitchen is an exciting time and offers us to imagine our personal style. In this changing era of the modern world, It could really be backbreaking to match the countertops with cabinets and flooring of your kitchen without the mind makeup of particular theme in mind. But this should not really be a matter of concern in presence of kitchen remodeling contractor as he can always relieve your burden and inconvenience involved in this procedure.

Then again, there are times when the visualization of the final output of the redesigned project can be unclear even in the assistance of kitchen contractors and renovators. Therefore, we decided to come up with this article for you. Hopefully, at the end of this post, you will have a better proposal on how to tone your countertop with the floor and cabinets of your kitchen in the most stylish and up to date manner.

So, reconsider these questions and answers to flawlessly match your countertop with floor and cabinets.

Matching kitchen islands with kitchen cabinets? 

A big NO is the answer to this question. It is completely fine to not match your kitchen islands with it’s cabinets. However, matching the islands with its neighboring countertops and kitchen construct a vision of symmetry within a space, using different tints can convert a fixture into a lovely point of focus that praise the layout and theme of whole kitchen.

Is it essential to match the kitchen cabinets with floor?

It’s not really important for flooring and countertops to have same theme of hues and designs. What’s necessary is that the floor you choose for your kitchen should coordinate with all the units, which means you can go every time for a synchronized look by using a material that can highlight your countertop, or create a complete divergence. The perfect combination of hues and textures can make the area more pleasant and welcoming attracting more people to the most important part of your home. For example, you can have a slate floor of matte finish in coordination of countertop of white granite to enhance the overall look of your kitchen.

Is it a Good idea to have two different countertops in Kitchen?

Answer to this question totally depends on the area of the kitchen and preference from person to person. If there is lack of space in your kitchen, it is completely worthless to have presence of multiple countertops in kitchen. However, you can always choose a wider countertop instead of multiple countertops for your kitchen.

If you have abundant space in your kitchen, you can go for multiple countertops but make sure to stick to a single colour to make your kitchen more attracting. You can also insert an attractive backsplash to make it look more stunning. Most experts advice to choose backsplash before the confirmation of the cabinets of their kitchen.

Most people include, material and colours in their countertops depending on the design, lifestyle and their preferences which may vary in different individual.

What could be the preference of colours for the cabinet of your kitchen?

Light colours as compared to the dark colours are mostly preferred by the house owner for their lower and upper cabinets of their kitchen. On the flip side, it’s preferred to have dark colours for the islands of cabinets.

For example- if a person choses light brown shades for the wall cabinets of kitchen, they’ll mostly prefer dark brown colour for the islands of their kitchen to make it look more attracting.

How does a person choose colour scheme for their kitchen?

The very first step, you must take is select any two primary colours when deciding the colours for your kitchen. From their onwards, you will have to work harder to find suitable and vast range of colour opportunities that acknowledges the design of your kitchen.

These days most people give preference to bright white colour in combination of stronger and darker colours like black and white for their modern and contemporary kitchen of their home to make it look more attracting and make it do well. When it comes to the flip side, traditional and country home styles look even more better with neutral shades that appears to be more pleasant and soft to the eyes.


It may be appealing to choose from these tips and chose random range of hues and material for your countertops, cabinets and the floor of the kitchen. In between the process you will realize how tough it is to come up with a decision

Therefore, having a little design know-how may also help you to come up with a more ravishing theme for your kitchen making it look better from standard kitchens.



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