Best Kitchen Custom Designs Planning & Renovation Process

Our Process


Our Process

We will efficiently transform your fantasy kitchen makeover from a vision to a functional
kitchen space at BOMBAY KITCHEN AND CABINETS. We have a record of performing
a variety of kitchen improvements on a budget.
Whether you choose to modernize your kitchen somewhat or entirely, we have talented

kitchen designers and professionals who can make it a reality. As such, the following
are the fundamental procedures we take during our kitchen remodelling process:


Initial Contact

You complete a brief form on our website to express your interest in our modern
cabinets. This will enable you to describe your one-of-a-kind project and concept.


On-Site Consultation

We will contact you and arrange a time for a site visit to take field measurements and
discuss your specifications and requirements.



Now is the time to visit our show room and with the assistance of one of our factory
experts, finalize your plan and design. By visiting the showroom, you will have the
opportunity to view in person a glimpse of what the final product will look like and make
better decision on various details such as material, colour and finish.


Design & Planning

Now is the time to contact your contractor (if you have one) and begin designing your cabinets.
Once your design is finish and you are pleased, you will sign your contract and pay your deposit or
in full, depending on the scope of your project.



The manufacturing step is where your custom cabinets come to life. While the breadth of your
project will influence the length of time required for production, four to six weeks is the industry


Delivery and Installation

Now comes the most exciting part—the arrival of your magnificent cabinets.

When our experts come to your residence, they will prepare the new room for cabinetry.
If your job entails a redesign, you can anticipate them removing your existing cabinetry.

Then, our experienced installation crew will inspect any areas requiring shimming or
scribing to ensure that the installation is plumb, genuine, and square. This is because
our contemporary European design frameless cabinets demand an unmatched level of
expertise to provide a faultless installation with even, tight reveals. The conventional
installation procedure begins with a mounting base, and we secure the higher cabinets
with wall studs to provide stability and safety while working on them. We work around
plumbing and electrical components to ensure a clean installation.