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Tips for a Great Kitchen Design.

Want to design the kitchen of your dreams? If your reaction is yes to this question, you must check out the tips mentioned below to create a great kitchen. Right here, we are going to discuss the most attention-grabbing kitchen designs. Make sure you plan the design of your kitchen so that you won’t regret it later. Grab the attention of your relatives and friends when they enter your kitchen and feel the pleasant effect of your kitchen. Ready to explore the new tips of designing a great custom kitchen design.

Go for wide walkways.

To improve your kitchen space, you must set up wide walkways between the cabinetry and the island. Make sure your kitchen has a walkway of at least 36 inches. Go with 42 inches to build a small kitchen and 48 inches for a little large one. Planning your kitchen accordingly will help you to reduce the extra traffic through the kitchen. Cooktops should be away from the moving area to avoid any mishap. The placement of the refrigerator should be the first thing that you need to consider.

Clear the corners of your kitchen.

To design your kitchen space, you must focus on the placement of cabinets. Clear your door area to avoid hassle during the opening and closing of the door. Furthermore, make sure that the appliances are placed away from the moving space and the door area. One more thing to consider is the height and location of your microwave. Make sure the microwave area is out of the reach of little kids. As a general rule, a height of 15 inches is enough to store your microwave.

Landing space is essential.

Another essential factor to consider while designing your kitchen is the landing space. Make sure your appliances have enough landing space near them so that you can accurately carry out your task. Leave a few inches of countertop near your microwave and refrigerator. Furthermore, place your refrigerator in an area where it is easily reachable to people from outside and the person working in it.

Try out a pot filler.

Sometimes carrying a pot filled with water feels tiring. If you too feel tired, consider trying the idea of a pot filler. The pot filler is usually a swing-out tap, which helps you fill your pots in an area where you heat them. Furthermore, hang the knives in a proper place. Keeping the blades in an area that is easy to reach will help you to find them whenever you need them. Make sure you keep these items away from the reach of children.

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So this was all about getting your hands on how you can attractively design your kitchen. When you organise the different foodstuffs in your kitchen, ensure you keep the most usable near you. Consider the needs of each family member while you rearrange your kitchen. Pick up the custom kitchen design that won’t leave much-unused space between the cabinets. Make a list of what you expect before you start designing the kitchen with Bombay Kitchen and Cabinets in Etobicoke, Canada.

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